Matras Beach

Matras Beach is 7 Km from Sungailiat city center to the Bangka Belitung Manufacturing Polytechnic Campus (POLMAN BABEL) is the most popular beach for a long time.

Matras Beach itself is one of the attractions on the island of Bangka. The beach is located in Sinar Baru Village, Sungailiat District, east of Bangka Island, 40 km from Pangkalpinang and 7 km from Sungailiat City.

This beach is also one of the beaches on Bangka Island which is very beautiful with white sand that has a smooth texture and the beach is also classified as sloping. The length of this beach can be up to 3 km with a beach width of 20 to 30 meters.

Matras Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Bangka and Belitung. Not only residents or the surrounding community who like to vacation here, tourists from outside the city to those from abroad also many who visit this soft white sandy beach.

In addition, Matras Beach is also in the background by coconut trees and streams with very clear water flows. When you arrive at Matras Beach, you will immediately be spoiled with an enchanting beach panorama.

The vast expanse of soft white sand with rocks around it, makes Matras Beach like a pearl in front of us. Matras Beach is often called Paradise Beach because of its beauty.

In addition to that nickname, Matras Beach is also known as the People's Beach. This name is pinned on Matras Beach because the location or location of the beach is easy to reach, plus the price of admission to this tourist attraction is quite pocket-friendly, also suitable for tourist attractions for your honeymoon with your partner.

Another specialty of this beach is that its comfortable and quiet location will give you the flexibility to eat food while leaning on natural rocks and enjoying the beauty of the beach atmosphere. In the Matras Beach area, many resting places in the form of simple bungalows have also been built which increasingly make visitors feel at home.

The beautiful scenery on Matras Beach is divided into two parts, namely the southern and northern parts. In the northern part is a view of the stretch of beach sand that seems to have no end because Matras Beach is the longest beach in Bangka.

While the view in the south, which is visible to the eye is precisely the tip of the headland which consists of granite rocks typical of the exotic Bangka Island. At night you can also enjoy the atmosphere from the beach while watching fishing boats sailing in the middle of the ocean and accompanied by fried sweet potatoes, cheese fried bananas, red pumpkin compote, and warm drinks that you can buy at the nearest restaurant.


Tanjung Pesona Beach

Tanjung Pesona Beach, 4 Kilometers from downtown Sungailiat to the Bangka Belitung Manufacturing Polytechnic Campus (POLMAN BABEL) deserves to be compared to a number of beaches that are favorite destinations in Indonesia.

Tanjung Pesona Beach is located in Rambak Village, Sungailiat District. It is 9 km from Sungailiat city, Bangka district. This beach is halfway between Uber Bay Beach and Tikus Beach. This beach has a panoramic view of the high seas, on a promontory with an exotic arrangement of large rocks. Tanjung Pesona Beach has been equipped with various tourist facilities, classified as four-star hotels.

The charm of the beach has a beautiful view, especially when looking towards the sea. The sea water is calm enough for swimming. Pesona Beach offers a cool sea breeze. Large trees that are well-maintained in the charm area make this Bangka tourist attraction a mandatory destination for tourists visiting Bangka.

The tourist area of ​​Tanjung Pesona Bangka has a four-star hotel. Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort or Hotel Tanjung Pesona is located on a beautiful beach. Tanjung Pesona also has water sports. Various water sport facilities such as Cano, Banana Boat, Jet Sky, Fishing At Sea With Speedboat, Fishing at Coral & Speedboat Tour, are available in this area. Water sport facilities at Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort are rented at a fairly cheap and affordable price.

One of the privileges of playing water sports in Tanjung Pesona is the beaches and corals that are beautiful, clean, and the sea off the coast.

Finally, the panoramic perfection at Tanjung Pesona Beach is more complete, because Pesona consists of 3 levels of beach. The lowest beach structure is a sloping sand beach with soft sand, then on the second level there is a gazebo jutting into the sea and the top level is an exotic arrangement of large rocks. Plus the facilities at the beach location are complete & professionally managed. There are hotels & inns, restaurants, meeting halls to billyard arenas and fun bikes are also available.



Parai Tenggiri Beach

Formerly called Hakok Beach, this beach has changed to Parai Tenggiri Beach. It is located in Sinar Baru Village, Sungailiat District, Bangka.


This beach is 4 kilometers from Sungailiat to the Bangka Belitung State Manufacturing Polytechnic Campus (POLMAN BABEL)

It is called Parai Beach or Parai Tenggiri Beach because in the past many fishermen brought mackerel from this coast. However, the face of Parai Tenggiri Beach has changed. There are no more fishermen to be seen on the shore. Around this beach, there are various inns that can be used as an option for visitors who want to linger to enjoy Parai Tenggiri Beach.

About beauty, Parai Tenggiri Beach has white sand with softness that resembles flour. The scattered granite rocks are also a beautiful decoration to look at. Not to mention the turquoise sea water adds to the sensation when visiting Parai Tenggiri Beach.

Entering the beach area, visitors will be charged a retribution ticket of Rp. 25,000, if you only use the beach as a place to swim. If you want to experience the pool available in the inn area, the manager will charge an additional fee.

Strolling around the beach, sunbathing, or playing with the waves that are relatively safe can be activities that can be done while visiting Parai Tenggiri Beach. But if the weather is favorable, visitors can try various water rides provided by the manager. Jetski, banana boat, or parasailing can be an option for those who like water games.

For those who want to hold private events, the manager also provides packages with a personal touch. So, visitors can enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere with their closest and dear ones.

The beauty of Parai Tenggiri Beach doesn't just stop at the sand and beaches. There is still Rock Island which is connected by a 200 meter long bridge. This bridge is decorated with beautiful lights. At night, the glow from these lights adds to the beauty of Rock Island.

Although small in size, the beauty presented by Rock Island is enchanting. With granite rocks that can be climbed, visitors will see the edge of the beach with granite stones on clean white sand. Grab a camera and capture this precious moment to become a beautiful keepsake to take home.

After climbing the granite rocks, the restaurant at Rock Island is ready to serve you with a tempting seafood menu. The cool coastal breeze plus the stunning scenery will surely make every visitor feel at home for a long time enjoying the charm of the beauty of Parai Tenggiri Beach.


Betung Hill Tourist Area (Fathin)

This Buddhist tourist area is located on the Fathin hill, district. Sungailiat kab. Parent Bangka. This area is visited by both local and foreign tourists. This place is decorated with a Buddha statue covered in Buddhist prayers. This place is also decorated with a place of worship which is fed by natural springs. It is said that the water used to keep young, To get to this hill you have to be patient because you have to go through a very steep road.


Anyir Water Beach

Air Anyir Beach, or by local people called Aik Anyer, is located in Air Anyir Village, Merawang District, Bangka Regency.

This beach is about 15 kilometers from Sungailiat City, the capital of Bangka regency. From Pangkalpinang, this beach is about 10 kilometers by taking the main road towards Sungailiat and after passing the Batu Rusa Bridge, on the two-lane road, triangular junction, turn onto the road on the right with a sign for a Hakka Temple for Guandi, Guanyin and Dabogong which already old. This area can also be reached via the eastern causeway on Bangka Island.

Air Anyir Beach is a sloping beach with white sand and calm sea waves. In addition to swimming, beach visitors also carry out various activities such as fishing or playing ball.

In some parts there are also some small granite formations. Sea pine trees grow in the coastal area. There are several huts / sawung which on holidays or weekends are rented out to beach visitors at a rate of Rp. 25,000.

Air Anyir Village itself is a coastal village that has several coastal areas, including Pukan Beach and Koala Beach. In the month of Shafar, Air Anyir Beach is usually the location of the Rebo Kasan ritual. In this village there is also a small pepper garden.

During the durian season, Air Anyir Village is visited by many people because there are quite a lot of durian gardens in this village.