UKM Photography

The POLMAN BABEL Photography Student Activity Unit or what can be called P-JEJE is the first student organization engaged in Photography at the Polman Babel campus which was founded by students of the Bangka Belitung State Manufacturing Polytechnic, together with Mr. Irwan, on 23 September 2011.

P-JEJE serves as a forum for the development of artworks by Polman Babel students in the field of Photography. To carry out this function, the Polman Babel Photography UKM has a mission:

  1. Foster friendship between students.
  2. Explore the interests and talents of Polman Babel students in the arts of photography, choreography, make-up, etc.
  3. Conducting photography education or other activities to increase students' knowledge and interest in the world of Photography.
  4. Exploring the socio-cultural potential of regional tourism and other objects which are then published to the public through Photo Exhibitions.
  5. Establish external relationships that support the development of the art of Photography