Pencak Silat UKM

Martial arts is an art that arises as a way for someone to defend / defend himself. Martial arts have existed and developed from time to time. Basically, humans have the instinct to always protect themselves and their lives.
In growing or developing, humans cannot be separated from their physical activities. This is what will trigger physical activity all the time. In ancient times, precisely before the advent of modern weaponry, humans did not think of any other way to defend themselves other than with their bare hands. At that time, the ability to fight with bare hands was developed as a way to attack and defend, then used to increase one's physical abilities. Even so, in later ages, weaponry began to be known and used as a means of self-defense.
Likewise, pencak silat is a martial art originating from Indonesia, therefore it has become part of the culture of the Indonesian nation, so we are obliged to preserve it so that this culture does not become extinct. Therefore, the silat UKM in Polmanbabel acts as a forum for students to channel their talents and hobbies and as a place to increase student achievements.