Football SME

The Polmanbabel Football Student Activity Unit is a student organization engaged in the field of Our Football and Futsal at the Polmanbabel campus. This unit has existed since 1996 but has not been accommodated as in the form of SMEs. In the past, students who had a hobby in soccer used to gather every Saturday morning at the Taman Sari field to practice soccer. But now it's just a memory, because the field that used to be the training ground has been turned into a park, so it's difficult for units to find a place that can be used for training. This organization was officially formed in 2009.

This UKM serves as a forum for students to develop themselves in the field of football and futsal. In carrying out its functions, UKM Polmanbabel ball has the following missions:

  1. Establish friendship between students
  2. Explore the interests and talents of Polmanbabel students in the field of football.
  3. Establishing collaboration between students
  4. Socialize with the surrounding community