Entrepreneurship SME

The Student Activity Unit (UKM) Entrepreneurship (KWU) is one of the SMEs located at the Bangka Belitung State Manufacturing Polytechnic and is engaged in developing capabilities in developing creativity and knowledge about entrepreneurship. Through UKM KWU, students can learn and practice entrepreneurship in an organizational manner so that they can create human resources who not only have technical skills but are able to compete in the entrepreneurial world and create new jobs for others.

Entrepreneurship SME work program:

  1. Entrepreneurship Workshop
  2. Conducting visits to SMEs located in other universities
  3. Held a visit to MSMEs in Bangka Belitung
  4. Entrepreneurial Business Plan Competition
  5. Grant Competitions
  6. Chef Competition 2021
  7. Aquaponic Engineering

Supervisor : Muhammad Setya Pratama, M.Si