English UKM

At first, the English UKM was called the English Club, even now the members of the English UKM still use the English Club name because it has been attached to their hearts. The English Language UKM of Polman Negeri Bangka Belitung has been formed since 2008, at the beginning of its formation it was still focused on Debate activities because the institution sent outstanding students to the NPEDC national competition in 2009 which was held at the Samarinda State Polytechnic. English Language UKM is a forum for all Bangka Belitung State Police students who are interested in improving their talents and competencies in the field of English. English Language UKM members not only learn to speak English, but also take part in competitions in the field of English at the regional, national and future levels are expected to be able to take part in international competitions. Every year the representative members of the English SMEs participate in the National Polytechnic English Olympics (NPEO) national competition which is held alternately at other Polytechnics. The English Language UKM also does real work in the community such as EC Goes To School which is moving to advance English Language Education by teaching English programs in remote areas in the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands. Apart from devoting some of their knowledge, the students who are members of the English Language UKM also learn while having fun with the EC ROADS program by visiting tourist attractions while practicing their competence and competing in the field of English. To continue to ignite their motivation, the English UKM has the jargon “English Club Polman Babel, TWO THUMBS UP!”