CNC, CAD/CAM and Welding UKM

The CNC, CAD/CAM and Welding Student Activity Units were formed in 2022 based on the Decree of the Director of Polmanbabel on January 20, 2022. Previously this activity unit was in one place in the activities of the Mechanical Engineering Student Association, because it is a group of mechanical engineering expertise activities. The formation of this activity is due to the existence of a competition in the field of expertise at the national level.

The involvement of these student activities in the national event began in 2012, at which time they participated in the Welding competition which was held at the Surabaya State Shipping Polytechnic. Until now, student activities, especially walding, regularly participate in activities at national events, and have produced many outstanding welders at the national level to the international level (Beajing, China). In 2018, this activity unit hosted the National Welding Competition (NWC) which was participated by several universities in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the CNC and CAD/CAM activities were carried out for the first time in 2017 by participating in the National Competition CAD/CAM (NWC) at the Bandung State Manufacturing Polytechnic. In 2019, as the host of NWC activities, several Indonesian universities participated.