Automotive SME

The automotive student activity unit (UKM Automotive) is a coaching forum for students of the Bangka Belitung State Manufacturing Polytechnic (Polman Babel) which aims to develop interests and talents in the automotive world. Based on its history, this Automotive UKM was established on February 2 2022 after previously this UKM was an activity of the KMLI Team (Indonesian Electric Car Contest) in Polman Babel. This activity was organized by Polman Babel students who have the same interest in the automotive field on campus.

In general, Automotive SMEs conduct research or research in the automotive sector, especially in electric vehicles, with the aim of producing energy that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. This activity is also a means to realize Polman Babel's vision and mission in improving the quality of education and research. In addition, UKM Automotive also fosters a sense of brotherhood within student activity units so that students can help each other in overcoming various problems.

Some of the activities that are usually carried out by the Polman Babel Automotive UKM include:


  1. Comparative study: Students can make comparative studies to other universities and to automotive factories to learn about car production processes and the latest technology used.
  2. Training: Training activities are carried out to increase students' knowledge and skills in the automotive field. Training may include training in mechanics, car design and vehicle testing.
  3. Car Contest: Students can participate in car contests organized by universities or other parties. These contests usually involve building cars from scratch and testing vehicles, such as the Indonesian Electric Car Contest (KMLI), Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE), automotive exhibitions, and others.
  4. Social Activities: Students can hold social activities such as charity drives, which involve raising funds for social activities such as donations to orphanages or victims of natural disasters.
  5. Discussions and Presentations: Students can conduct discussions and presentations on Automotive topics. These discussions may cover topics such as future technology developments, recent trends in the Automotive industry, and the impact of Automotive on the environment.

Automotive student activities can help students to develop skills and knowledge in the automotive field. Apart from that, this activity can also help to build useful networks in the future when they enter the world of work.